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SSG is an international commodity trading and brokerage house with its headquarter situated in Singapore. In a short span of time, SSG has been able to get the representation of big fertilizer producers in Europe and Russia for Asia markets as well as signed strategic partnership with partners from Switzerland, Ukraine, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and the USA.

The partners at SSG holds extensive knowledge and experiences in the field of commodities trading. With the new trend of Producers is going to downstream to targeted markets, SSG has been acting as their extended arm to open their distribution networks.

Equipped with extensive local knowledge and excellent industry relationship, SSG has become an important link to contribute to the success of producers.

Our strategy

Be creative in creating and marketing producer’s product to targeted market while maintaining excellent relationship with buyers. Be the missing link for both producers and buyers in our target market. To maintain rapid growth, we continue adding candid and honest members into our network across Asia.

Our core value

Creating value and adding value to the supply chain is our moto. We believe that we have our value by creating more value for our principals by identifying opportunities and realizing opportunities in the most economical way.

Our strengths

  1. Excellent trust from local partners in targeted markets.
  2. In-depth knowledge of the markets
  3. Feel the vibrant of the markets on a daily basis
  4. Experienced team of traders who have extensive knowledge in international trading, local regulations and local logistics.