Feed materials

Monocalcium Phosphate ( MCP) Feed Grade

Total Phosphorous in term of P: 22.3%
Total phosphorous soluble:
- In 2% citric acid: 95% min
- In Water: 75%
Total calcium: 15%
Floride: 2000ppm
Arsenic: 10ppm
Lead: 15ppm
Cadmium: 10ppm
Mercury: 0.1 ppm
Total moisture: 4.0 Max
Total insoluble in HCL: 2.0% Max
Particle size: 0.2mm-2.0mm reach 80%; below 0.2% reach 20%

Wheat Bran

Bran also known as miller’s bran, is the hard layer ofcereal grain. It consists of the combined aleurone and pericarp. Brand is particularly rich in dietary fiber and essential fatty acids and contains significant quantities of starch, protein, vitamins, and dietary minerals. It is also a source of phytic acid, an antinutrient that prevents nutrient absorption.

Protein min: 14% Min
Moisture: 14% Max
Ash: 7% Max
Fiber: 12% Max
Packing: in 50kgs PP/PE bag in neutral English marking
Origin: Indonesia