NPK fertilizer

NPK fertilizers are produced with different technologies. Steam granulation or Urea liquid infusion technologies are common in Asia while chemically compound Nitrate based NPKs are common in Europe. We understand the advantages and disadvantages of different processes as well as its applications and customer based thus we should be able to consult for the best and the most suitable products for your areas.

Chemical NPK (Ex-Russia)

Russia is known for its rich resources and large scaled producers of compound NPK fertilizers but it’s not easy to source for products from these areas. Efficient in logistics and trust worthy partners are the key here. Below is the common formula we are regularly sourcing for our clients.

NPS 20:20+14S; NP 16:20+12S; NPS 14:34+8S; NPK 15:15:15; NPK 13:13:19; NPK 10:20:20; NPK 10:26:26; NPK 9:25:25; NPK 16:16:8; NPK 12-32-12; NPK 1:20:20; NPS 14-40; NPS 19:38+7S; NPS +Zn 16:34 +6S+0.4Zn; NPK 6:20:30; NPK 7:30:20; NPK 8:24:24; NPK 8:30:20; NPK 8: 24:24; NPK 8:30:20; NPK 13:13:21; NPK 16:16:16; NPK 16:16:8+12S; NPK 10:15:15

* Specifications to be furnished upon request.

Nitrate based NPK ( Ex-EU)

Europe is known for its rich source of Acid Nitrate which is one of the main component to produce Nitrate based NPKs. Nitrated based NPKs are granulated by different methods, either by Prilled tower granulation or drum granulation which are different technologies with different advantages and disadvantages.

Our principal technologies enable them to transform rock phosphate into SSP ( Single Super Phosphate) and then react with  Acid Nitrate/Ammonia plus potash to produce chemically nitrate based NPK. This technology also finetunes trace elements in the products which are tailor made to customer’s requirements with low MOQ.

Products on stock

ASN 26 N +31SO3
COMPLEX SOP 10/25/12 +2MgO+15SO3+B+Zn
COMPLEX 12/6/22 +19SO3
COMPLEX 12/12/17 +2MgO+15SO3
COMPLEX SOP 12/12/17 +2MgO+24SO3+B+Zn
COMPLEX SOP 12/12/17 +2MgO+24SO3+B+Fe+Mn+Zn
COMPLEX 12/24/12 +9SO3
COMPLEX 13/6/23 +15SO3
COMPLEX SOP 14/0/24 +2MgO+25SO3
COMPLEX SOP 15/0/20 +5MgO+19SO3+B+Fe+Mo+Zn
COMPLEX SOP 15/5/20 +2MgO+25SO3+B+Fe+Zn
COMPLEX 15/12/10 +3MgO+14SO3
COMPLEX SOP 15/15/15 +15SO3
COMPLEX 16/7/13 +21SO3
COMPLEX 17/17/17
COMPLEX 18/6/5 +4MgO+20SO3
COMPLEX 20/6/9 +11SO3
COMPLEX 20/8 +28SO3
COMPLEX 21/5/5 +3MgO+17SO3

Products to produce on demand

COMPLEX 0/7/30 +3MgO+15SO3
COMPLEX 0/8/27 +5MgO
COMPLEX 0/9/27 +3MgO+17SO3
COMPLEX 0/10/20 +3MgO+22SO3
COMPLEX 5/10/30 +17SO3
COMPLEX SOP 6/10/21 +3MgO+29SO3+B+Zn
COMPLEX 7/6/30 +15SO3
COMPLEX SOP 7/14/28 +23SO3
COMPLEX 8/24/24
COMPLEX 11/06/25
COMPLEX 12/5/20 +23SO3
COMPLEX NOP 12/06/24 +TE
COMPLEX 12/7/17 +2MgO+15SO3
COMPLEX SOP 12/7/17 +2MgO+22SO3
COMPLEX SOP 12/10/18 +25SO3
COMPLEX 12/12/17 +2MgO+15SO3+B
COMPLEX 12/30 +10SO3+Zn
COMPLEX 14/10/16 +15SO3

COMPLEX 14/10/20 +14SO3
COMPLEX 14/16/10
COMPLEX 15/7/15 +21SO3
COMPLEX 15/09/10+2MgO +15SO3
COMPLEX 15/12/24
COMPLEX 15/15/15 +15SO3
COMPLEX SOP 16/10/17 +3MgO+B+Cu+Fe+Mn+Mo+Zn
COMPLEX 16/12/12 +4MgO+10SO3
COMPLEX 16/14/7 +4MgO+14SO3
COMPLEX 18/26 +10SO3+Zn
COMPLEX 20/5/8 +16SO3
COMPLEX 20/10/10 +9SO3
COMPLEX 21/13 +17SO3
COMPLEX 21/17 +11SO3
COMPLEX 22/6/12 +10SO3+B+Mo+Zn
COMPLEX 23/05/05
COMPLEX 24/6 +20SO3
*Specifications to be furnished upon request.

Prilled Tower NPK from China

China is known for producing Prilled tower NPKs with Urea liquid infusion technologies. The raw materials such as Diammonium Phosphate, Urea, MOP are transformed into liquid form and pumped into high tower for granulation. This technology enables producers to produce beautiful Prilled NPKs with high source of Nitrogen and V-shaped formulas. But as the products are produced by liquid urea, it’s easily get caked over long period of storage thus producers need to add anti-caking agents to avoid such problem. Not all producers in China can solve this problem and thus choosing the correct suppliers is the critical point to the success of the business. Our job is to help you to source from the right producers to minimize your risks.


Water Soluble Fertilizer (Ex-EU)

Europe is known for good source of water soluble SOP, MAP and technical Urea and thus it allows producer to blend best quality water soluble NPKs with chelated Trace Elements. Crystalline water soluble fertilizers produced by our suppliers can be used for fertigation (?) as well as for foliar application and in all type of irrigation systems.

We provide products in 5 major categories according to the ratio of NPK elements they contain. Each of them is designed for specific needs at different development stages of the plants:

NPK balanced equilibrium: 20-20-20+TE; 19-19-19+TE; 18-18-18+TE

NPK rich in N&K: 12-3-43+TE; 15-5-30+TE

NPK rich in N: 29-10-10+TE

NPK rich in P: 10-50-10+TE; 10-52-10+TE; 13-40-10+TE

NPK rich in K: 8-17-41+TE; 5-5-40+TE